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Snowboots for everyone!

Snowboots-shop is a 100% snowboots and moonboots webstore. Snowboots-shop strives to be able to sell mens snowboots, womens snowboots and snowboots for kids for everyones taste and like . Snowboots shop wants to distinguish itself by delivering excellent service and personal contact. Snowboots-shop mainly sells Olang boots and The north face, Sorel boots. During this winter, we will add several other brands. If you have a question, remark or another enquiry, please refer to our contact page. There you will find our phone number and email contact form.

Buying snowboots online

Are you looking for a warm, good looking and fashionable snowboot or winter boot? Then you are at the right address. Our slogan is "Snowboots for everyone" and we take that quite literally: weather you are looking for a boot to take you to extreme locations or for a good looking daily boot to survive the UK winters, we have a boot to offer. For kids, men and woman. You can browse trough our brandpages and and category pages to find the boot that suits you best. Looking for a specific color or brand? Uou can use the filters on the left of the category-page.

Our brands

Our most important brand is Olang, this italian brands has one of the most comprehensive collections of winter boots in the world. Olang offers everything from moonboot-shaped boots to fashionable lined leather winter boots which can be worn in any occasion. With a collection of around 100 different models, Snowboots-shop offers the biggest collection of Olang boots online.
Our The North face snowboots have been selected for their fantastic technical properties. Our North face boots are for real winter-weather, boots you wear on your skiing holiday or after snowfall.
One of the foundations under our shop is Sorel, sorel is without a doubt the best known snowboot brand in the world. Sorel stands for craftsmanship and quality in winterboots and has it's own unique look. Sorel started out as a producer of tough boots for workers having to work outside in the tough Canadian winters. Workers like loggers and construction workers.
Just like Sorel, Pajar also has its roots in the Canadian winters. It even has the canadian flag in it's logo. Although they have the same roots, Pajar has a totally different look and feel as Sorel. Pajar boots are made with attention to detail and have a fashion look and feel. Pajar is a canadian brand but finds its roots in 1926 in Paris, in the shoemaker's family of Golbert.
New in 2013-2013: Snoboot (without the 'w'), a in 2012 launched dutch brand making colourfull fashion-oriented snowboots women.
Our brands have been selected carefully, but we're alway;s open to suggestions for new snowboot-brands. Ideas? Let us know!